The”put in one of three words”.info

The three words are cutest, fairest and funniest. These three words is a part of xkcd creator Randall Munroe trio project. It’s a new thinking way of web-voting, where we are allowed to vote for which of two pictures we like the best. Then the server analyze it all and give us the best picture. You should check them out and join the voting. It’s a big database of pictures since everyone can add more pictures if the like. I just want to warn you that there may pop up a picture you don’t like, but just vote on th other one and it will probably be sorted out pretty fast.

Theoretic correct roller coaster

Got a link from a friend of mine about this real roller coaster simulator. It’s worth a mention. It’s fun for about ten minutes, then you start missing the graphic and fun that probably every other roller coaster games have. This is probably because it’s no a game, but just a simulator for kids or teachers (as the site says. Head over to Funderstanding Roller Coaster and maybe you can have a use for it!

I’m away!

Right now I’m probably at a boat on the west coast of Norway. A few hours away from Voss. We (the school I work on) are on a school trip, as an final school trip. School end next Sunday. Hope it will be a lot of fun, which I think it will.

Guess your wondering how I can post, but still be on the sea. That’s because I wrote this yesterday. Can set the time when my posts are getting published. So will to this today and tomorrow (Friday). I’m back around five on Saturday so it’s coming a late post probably then.

Getting my Zune when I’m away with school. Really looking forward to that. It’s a 80 Gigabyte. Finally I can take my whole collection of music with me, plus some movies. I’m also done with my Trials 2 SE trick movie. Took time, only need to compress the file so it will be more shareable. Don’t have time to do it before next week, but it’s worth waiting for! Trust me. Talk to you all later and have a super flying Thursday and Friday!

Late at night!

Been playing GTA4 for four hours now. It’s wicked. I’ve only been working on mission so haven’t checked out the area that much. Of course I tried to cross the bridge (at foot), didn’t know I would get 6 wanted levels. That was some fun 60 seconds of my GTA life. Other than that I’ve been dating the Michell girl. She is up to no good. Asking to many question. Bet I will find out the wrong way. Off to sleep now. 3 hours till breakfast. Yeah, good night people!

Grand Theft Auto 4

Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto 4 was released today, I hope at least everyone know it. They should! Since I live at Voss I had to take a train to Bergen which takes at least one hour each way. Not that fun, but it’s better than waiting and maybe it will arrive in Voss next week. Haven’t had time to play it more than an hour today, but that was one freaking cool hour! I’m not going to review the game since I suck at it, plus it’s a ton of other people that do that. Here’s a review from metacritic and one from gamespot. My computer is a bit screwed up. Think I got one kind of spyware on it. Sometimes some random pop-ups come and some sites don’t work anymore on my computer, or they don’t work on the browser I’m using then and I have to switch and so on. Thinking about reformatting and installing again. Even thinking about installing the new Ubuntu, but currently the game I play isn’t working on Linux. So guess I’ll wait. If you want to see example of GTA4 hit the jump. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 4

Saturday night (fever)

The week fly by.Don’t have much news today. Have been thinking on how the best way to read my site is. It’s one day late. Then your always sure that you have the “latest” update, since I’m often posting evening time. Other than that I don’t have much wise to say. Wish I had, more people would probably read it then. I’m going up at the Trials 2 ranks, started listening to classical music while playing. Really tighten my focus. Well…back to playing. Hopefully more clever posts tomorrow. Can’t be a smart ass everyday 🙂