1th Day of Christmas

1Th day of Christmas is soon done. And it isn’t long before 2Th day is too and the shops open. Today I finally manage to get all 150 Pokemon’s on Pokemon Diamond, have been trying to catch Unixe for nearly two weeks! It wasn’t easy, but around half past three tonight I did! Cheers for me, also been playing a lot of ChuChu Rocket on my new Dreamcast! Its awesome, but a bit easy. We also had some visitors too dinner.
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Little Christmas Eve

Its about40 min til Christmas Eve is here. I’m really looking forward to it. Good food, seeing the family and of course the presents. I’m so curios of what I’ll get from friends and family.

Today I have been doing some different things. It started with that 2 0’clock in the night I had to change tire on the car cause I punctured and it wasn’t easy. The car is so high and the we had to lift the car jack so it could probably lift the car so we could change. Continue reading Little Christmas Eve

Mythos Beta (updated)

Mythos is a role-playing fantasy game with the same game-play as Diablo 2. It all happens in the ancient world of Uld. Where you can choose between three playable races; human, satyr and gremlins. With these three races there is three classes to choose; bloodletter, pyromancer and gadgeteer. The point in the game is to explore the world and level up. There is two ways to do that, either alone or in a group. Continue reading Mythos Beta (updated)

Christmas holiday

Christmas holiday is finally here! Took some time, but YEAH! School today was quick, an hour in the dining-hall and then a last Christmas concert. Its going to be good to get home. I’m not leaving before tomorrow, going to spend one last day with my girlfriend before we both go home. Was sad to see all the other leave, but its luckily not that long break.

Last whole school day

Today was the last whole school day before Christmas break. We all went on an local tour with the choir. I was a little bit uncertain if I wanted to join, but I did. I’m really glad I did because it was a lot of fun. We started at the local hospital and song for the patients there. They where all laying in their beds while we where standing in the hallway singing as loud as possible. After that the choir spilt in three. The first group headed to a kindergarten, the second group to the old people’s home (the group that I was in), and the t group went to a mental hospital. Continue reading Last whole school day

Old links

Was uploading a test site for my brother will I found out that I could post links to some old stuff that was laying around. Mostly galleries from old times. Enjoy!

Gallery of me (Some years ago)

Photsession with my new snowboard clothes (November 2006 )

Sheepmod (2005 I think)

Sogntur (Also 2005, not sure)

Here are some links to old sites I have made:

My first site!



Sk8Park 2



As I was sitting here blogging while my girlfriend was making some Christmas cards, I found this cool flash game. The point with it is to use a white ball to knock black balls aways from the white mother ball. Kinda racist, why can’t black and white balls just interfere with each other. The world needs more mixture of balls! You can also start over from the same level if the mother-ball rolls out of her perfect white ring. There is also four different upgrades you can buy with your experience points when you complete a level. More speed to the ball, bigger ball, bigger white perfect ring and bigger mother-ball. Other qualities is the good music, but can get a bit repeatable if you have it in the background while you do other stuff than playing Zwingo. Is is also good to play with a mouse pad, which some games lack. Also every tenth level there is a boss! Knock that bad-ass black ball out before he kick your white mother-ball out!

Try it out at Kambo Games, Zwingo (the site saves your progress)!