Warhammer 40000 Squad Command

Was out checking the game news and found out that there is coming a Warhammer 40000 game till Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.  First I was like, “how’s that going to work?”. Then I checked out the picture and video (only PSP-footage), and it was AWSOME! In the DS-version (the system I have) you use the stylus to control your units and the top screen is for the map. There is also a multi-player both local and global for up to 8 players It is already been released so after the Christmas holiday I’m probably buying one. Going to write a review then.

Check out the site and see for yourself!

Nintendo DS the differences Sony PSP 


Haven’t had much time today to work on the new site/blog. Not sure what to call it. Its a site with a blog. So guess I’m gonna call it a blog from now on. Since that’s how its going to work. Just wanted to make a little list of stuff I’m going to do before new years eve (hopefully).

  •  add links to sites I use
  • past links/news of old stuff I have done
  • add more plug-ins
  • fix the time, so it isn’t in am/pm
  • more?