To lazy to write

Some cool sites I found!

A jenga gun! Visit to see and read about it. Or hit the jump to see the video if your to lazy (kinda like me right now) to click on a link…

Kotaku posted these super awesome shoes! I want does! Too bad they are custom made. There is also a picture after the jump after the video of the jenga gun.

And for all you Daft Punk fans! Check out this awesome copy of the “keyboard” they use to play the song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” with. Also a video after the jump but of course after the other video and the picture of the totally awesome shoes!

Also check out this video of “Street Dreams”!


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It’s “snowing”

Went skiing with my brother and some friends today! It’s wasn’t the best weather, but still a lot of fun! Havn’t been skiing since christmas. I also learned me a new trick, 360! I’m super proud! Never done it on telemark before. “Anywho”, this is just a little filler, since I haven’t posted something in two days. Been a bit busy. Friday I worked as always, and after that I played my first Squash tournament. It was just a small club one, but still a lot of fun and I learened a lot playing with the better players! Yesterday I had a friend over and we made pizza and watched “Stardust”, a different kind of fantasy movie.

And now I’m trying to install Windows 98 on my old computer. Will post some pictures later today!

Not much

Don’t have much to say today. So just making a filler. I’ve started painting my new wall painting. Done with two of the colors. So maybe if I’m a good boy I’ll be done this coming week. I’ll keep you updated. Other than that I haven’t done much…was at school working. Almost forgot, I’ve started watching a new series, The Big Bang Theory. It’s a geeky show, just the way I like it. Check it out over at Imdb. Also, this is my 351 post. Woho!

Third day of Christmas

It’s been some nice three days with a lot of good food, family visiting and presents. Slowly going back to just a normal vacation. I’m maybe going to the ski sloops today, we’ll see. I have had a wonderful Christmas, and hope you all felt the same!

Over to something more as a regular post. My brother found this awesome site. which post fail pictures or videos. Fail means that someone or something have made a fail/mistake. They are hilarious, and with over 750 post, there is a lot to see! Enjoy.

If (Kyrre == tired) {

As some of you might understand from my title, I’ve been busy with school. So haven’t had time to write. Sorry for that. I feel like I’ve been really bad at writing the last month.  Probably not going to change very quick, but keep watching and maybe it will turn.

Bought a new cd yesterday. The latest to a norwegian artist, Maria Mena. It’s called Cause and effect. You should check it out if you have a chance!

Till next time; bye!

PS: Check out my university site.

Yet another filler!

I’m away visiting a friend tomorrow. So won’t have time to make a more interesting post. Also I’m tired and want to sleep. It’s better than nothing I hope!

So here is a little post about an item from SuckUK. Drumstick pencils! How cool is it to have these when school starts next semester? I’m voting ten. Cheesy, can’t do better.

One end is a pencil the other end is a drumstick.
Supplied as a pair.
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