How to play games on your v2 Zune (update)

Found this link over at Zune Boards on how you can install games to your Zune. How cool is that. I will try it out later today and post some pictures. It’s an easy set up with no configuration on your Zune. It’s legal too!

Found another link on how to do it. Took some time before I manage to do it my self. Had to update my Zune to 2.5 from 2.3. Since it hadn’t done it automatic. Then I had to get the segoeui font from a friend, since I don’t have Vista. After that it was piece of cake. Check out my picture on how it looks like. The two games available now is kinda boring. Not my taste at least.

Indie Games “Game of the month” – Cortex Command

Game of the month winner over at Indie Games this April is Cortex Commander. It is still in the working progress, but the idea and the technique looks really good. Head over to Indie Games and read some more of it and try out the demo. Its really something new and should be tried out!


As I was sitting here blogging while my girlfriend was making some Christmas cards, I found this cool flash game. The point with it is to use a white ball to knock black balls aways from the white mother ball. Kinda racist, why can’t black and white balls just interfere with each other. The world needs more mixture of balls! You can also start over from the same level if the mother-ball rolls out of her perfect white ring. There is also four different upgrades you can buy with your experience points when you complete a level. More speed to the ball, bigger ball, bigger white perfect ring and bigger mother-ball. Other qualities is the good music, but can get a bit repeatable if you have it in the background while you do other stuff than playing Zwingo. Is is also good to play with a mouse pad, which some games lack. Also every tenth level there is a boss! Knock that bad-ass black ball out before he kick your white mother-ball out!

Try it out at Kambo Games, Zwingo (the site saves your progress)!