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The three words are cutest, fairest and funniest. These three words is a part of xkcd creator Randall Munroe trio project. It’s a new thinking way of web-voting, where we are allowed to vote for which of two pictures we like the best. Then the server analyze it all and give us the best picture. You should check them out and join the voting. It’s a big database of pictures since everyone can add more pictures if the like. I just want to warn you that there may pop up a picture you don’t like, but just vote on th other one and it will probably be sorted out pretty fast.

Storker Project

Was reading a computer magazine where I saw this cool little plastic baby. It’s a project made by Mark Jenkins, which is a part of species propagation movement.

The STORKER PROJECT is a species propagation movement by STORKER seeking to incite select individuals from the public at large, perhaps you. If while passing by one you feel strange sensations in your nipples or fingertips, adopt the infant, breast feed, and give it plenty of pTLC. It will gradually mature to a full size Tape Man or Woman to co-habitate with you and eventually take you to the Glazed Paradise (or possibly oust you from your home).

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Wanna help me create the biggest MyMiniCity in Norway? Then just follow one of the links on this blog. MyMiniCity is all about getting people to visit your city. When they to that the city will get bigger. It just depends on which link they follow. In the beginning the only thing that happens is that more people move to your city, but you can only click once per day. So help me create the biggest city in Norway by clicking here!


It’s not that big yet.