Solitaire creator Wes Cherry

B3TA have been so lucky that they got answer to the e-mail they sent to the Solitaire creator Wes Cherry. It only took a year. There is some funny answerings plus some useful information. I for once, didn’t know there where a cheat in Solitaire.

Are there any cheats? What are they?
(Turnip Boy)
Yup. When playing Draw Three, you can hold down Ctrl-Shift-Alt and click on the deck to get one card. That makes most games winnable.

Is it true that there is an ‘Easter egg’ embedded in Solitaire that pops up a picture of Bill Gates caught in flagrante delicto with a marine mammal?

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Blizzard has gotten their hand on the domain, used to belong to a Diablo fan site. This doesn’t mean anything now, but it may mean something in the future. We all know that they are very good at advertising for their games a long time before they are released.

Secondly, while Blizzard is indeed acquiring the domain name, they told me that this shouldn’t be considered an announcement for the Diablo 3 game we’ve been waiting for all these years. They acquire new domains all the time. While this is true, I personally can’t help but think that this is a confirmation of sorts that they’re working on the next Diablo game. Sure, they can claim it’s because they want to protect their intellectual properties ‘n what have you, but I can’t imagine they would all of a sudden be so interested in the domain if they weren’t working on a new Diablo 3 game behind the scenes.

The”put in one of three words”.info

The three words are cutest, fairest and funniest. These three words is a part of xkcd creator Randall Munroe trio project. It’s a new thinking way of web-voting, where we are allowed to vote for which of two pictures we like the best. Then the server analyze it all and give us the best picture. You should check them out and join the voting. It’s a big database of pictures since everyone can add more pictures if the like. I just want to warn you that there may pop up a picture you don’t like, but just vote on th other one and it will probably be sorted out pretty fast.

Theoretic correct roller coaster

Got a link from a friend of mine about this real roller coaster simulator. It’s worth a mention. It’s fun for about ten minutes, then you start missing the graphic and fun that probably every other roller coaster games have. This is probably because it’s no a game, but just a simulator for kids or teachers (as the site says. Head over to Funderstanding Roller Coaster and maybe you can have a use for it!

I’m away!

Right now I’m probably at a boat on the west coast of Norway. A few hours away from Voss. We (the school I work on) are on a school trip, as an final school trip. School end next Sunday. Hope it will be a lot of fun, which I think it will.

Guess your wondering how I can post, but still be on the sea. That’s because I wrote this yesterday. Can set the time when my posts are getting published. So will to this today and tomorrow (Friday). I’m back around five on Saturday so it’s coming a late post probably then.

Getting my Zune when I’m away with school. Really looking forward to that. It’s a 80 Gigabyte. Finally I can take my whole collection of music with me, plus some movies. I’m also done with my Trials 2 SE trick movie. Took time, only need to compress the file so it will be more shareable. Don’t have time to do it before next week, but it’s worth waiting for! Trust me. Talk to you all later and have a super flying Thursday and Friday!