Since last post, and before that

I never managed to find some time to continue on the slow month post, so here I am. Doing a short recap of the last 30 days of board gamding, using Instagram images and text. The week after I had been skiing I ordered two new board games that I’ve had never heard about, but … Continue reading Since last post, and before that

2014 on Instagram

Inspired by my friend Christina, and since this is my first year with Instagram, I want to make a “My year on Instagram”. So keep on reading and see the four best photos of each months. As I didn’t registered on Instagram before April; January, February, and March are both blank. So welcome to April, … Continue reading 2014 on Instagram

Kickstarter bonanza

If you’ve been following me on Instragram¬†you probably noticed I got a pretty big haul of board games this week.¬†I’ve been a big fan of Kickstarter for a long time, and last year I kickstarted Rivet Wars, which I’ve blogged about earlier. On Tuesday I got the rest of the kickstarter loot, complete with all … Continue reading Kickstarter bonanza