It’s all moving forward

Since my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment, things have been a bit busy. Getting stuff to work, paint walls, set up furniture, make food, school and so on. Luckily we are getting done with most of the stuff. Our bedroom is now painted. Looking really fly, and we’re planning on moving the bed tomorrow. Need to dry and air the smell out first. I’m also starting with my mandatory task in java tomorrow. Probably not getting it done, but will at least get a huge step further than I’m now. Also I’ve been seeing more and more game I want to buy and play. Too bad the time and money doesn’t stretch that far. “Anywho”, N+ level pack #2 is hitting XBLA tomorrow and 2D Boy is done with their World of Goo! Yay!

World of Goo

Bought a “new” game last night. Was a bit bored and needed a new fun game. So I headed over to the Indiegames blog and read about “World of Goo”. It wasn’t the first time I looked at it, but since I’ve lost the bid on Shenmue earlier that evening I had money to spend, so why not check it out. It’s not done yet, but if you pre-orded it you would get the first chapter to play with. So I thought that would be money well spent. And it was. Those little Goo’s are so fun and cute to play with that it’s hard to put it away. Continue reading World of Goo