Playstation 4

When the Playstation 4 came out last year (? or was it two years ago), I didn’t think that I would end up buying it, I felt that I had enough games, and I didn’t exactly feel the need for a new console. Then I learned this fall that Metanet Software was bringing the next generation N, named N++, after N+ (funny), to the Playstation 4, and as the fan I am, I knew that I now had to get me a Playstation 4 to play it. It was looking out to be one expansive game for me.

The plan was to wait for the release (which is sometime this year), but I tried Far Cry 4 on the Playstation 4 at my best buddy and I was convinced that I wanted Far Cry 4 and the Playstation 4 as soon as possible. So about a month and a half later I ended up with this!

The Glacier edition. I wanted something new and not the same old black console, as most of my other new consoles are. As my girlfriend wanted to play Last of Us I picked up that too, as the graphic on the Playstation 4 compared to the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 is a lot better!

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Alone in a big apartment

I helped my ex-girlfriend to move this weekend. We broke up some weeks ago, but we’ve been living together since we’re still good friends and she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. It’s kinda weird to be all alone, but stuff like this happen. “Anywho”, I’m thinking about buying a Acer Aspire One, testing one out now with Ubuntu, works good. So I’ll probably end up getting one. I’ve also completed all the time trials on Mirrors Edge. It’s thought, but I’m getting good. I also tried out the Left 4 Dead demo. The concept is for me the best there is! Just run around killing zombies. Too bad the gameplay sucked so much I quit and deleted the game after ten minutes. Valve should take a look at the gameplay on Call of Duty 4. Guess that’s it, not a long post.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Everyone knows that Grand Theft Auto 4 was released today, I hope at least everyone know it. They should! Since I live at Voss I had to take a train to Bergen which takes at least one hour each way. Not that fun, but it’s better than waiting and maybe it will arrive in Voss next week. Haven’t had time to play it more than an hour today, but that was one freaking cool hour! I’m not going to review the game since I suck at it, plus it’s a ton of other people that do that. Here’s a review from metacritic and one from gamespot. My computer is a bit screwed up. Think I got one kind of spyware on it. Sometimes some random pop-ups come and some sites don’t work anymore on my computer, or they don’t work on the browser I’m using then and I have to switch and so on. Thinking about reformatting and installing again. Even thinking about installing the new Ubuntu, but currently the game I play isn’t working on Linux. So guess I’ll wait. If you want to see example of GTA4 hit the jump. Continue reading Grand Theft Auto 4

Soul Calibur IV Box

The Soul Calibur IV box art and contents is now revealed. The box is the same for PS3 and Xbox 360, but with slightly content. The PS3 has a black t-shirt with Mitsurugi/Darth Vader on and the 360 t-shirt is white with Yoda/Siegfried. They are all shipped with a XL t-shirt, so will probably nearly everyone. There is also a tournament kit in the box. Haven’t been much official talk about it, but you can use it as a tournament bracket card. Really looking forward to this game!

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T-thief 4?

Edios Montreal have started to make another game from one of their franchises. With this quote they kinda clearly says that there is going to be another Thief 4. I have only played Thief 1 and 2, but those two games where awesome good. So really looking forward to a fourth.

Eidos-MontrĂ©al is proud to announce the recruitment for our 2nd “AAA” project… A hint! The title begins with the letter ” T “


Thief (series) at

Soul Calibur 4 movie

As the Soul Calibur fan I am, I’m really looking forward to this game. The grafik look excellent, and now that they have revealed the hidden characters. Even more joy and fun. How cool is it going to be to play Darth Vader (PS3) or Yoda (Xbox360) vs your favorite SC character? Lightsaber vs real weapon. “Fun fun fun” is my three words! So check out this video and start dreaming!

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