Kuki linux has the best linux name ever. At least as I know. It’s pronounced cookie! Cookie, cookie monster! So working on installing that on my new little Acer, and it’s looks promising.

I’ve also learned to count to ten a bit fast in Japanese, and if I concentrate I can count up to hundred. Just can’t remember what hundred is. I’m so proud of my self, now I just need to learn all the small signs/letters.

Life change

Life change, but I like it. Too bad you can’t keep what was in the past.

“Anywho”, second day at school. More homework, but sadly less time. Mostly because I had to work this evening. Wasn’t all bad, got to buy a pin board for my new office, which I will post pictures and maybe even a movie from when I get done. Not much left now.

I also bought a new laptop today. A Acer Aspire one, you can see two on one of the photos, but that’s just because I bought one to my brother too. It’s a fun little machine!

YogiTea of the day: Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness.

Update: Now with pictures!

Alone in a big apartment

I helped my ex-girlfriend to move this weekend. We broke up some weeks ago, but we’ve been living together since we’re still good friends and she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. It’s kinda weird to be all alone, but stuff like this happen. “Anywho”, I’m thinking about buying a Acer Aspire One, testing one out now with Ubuntu, works good. So I’ll probably end up getting one. I’ve also completed all the time trials on Mirrors Edge. It’s thought, but I’m getting good. I also tried out the Left 4 Dead demo. The concept is for me the best there is! Just run around killing zombies. Too bad the gameplay sucked so much I quit and deleted the game after ten minutes. Valve should take a look at the gameplay on Call of Duty 4. Guess that’s it, not a long post.

It’s hard!

My life is so hard! As I’m moving next week I need to get myself a new TV. And there is so much to choose from. Too much. I have no idea what to pick. So it will be interesting to see what I end up with. I also found out that my computer is fixed. Good news! So hoping to get it back the next few days. My girlfriend also bought a new laptop. The Acer One with Linux. It’s so freaking cool! I want it too! At least I get to play with it. Cheers.

On the N+ news, I’ve given up for now to create my episode on the computer since the XBLA version is so much better, so I’ll wait for the N v1,5 to make them. I have some photos you can all look at while we sit and wait. Hit the jump to see them!

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