Back from Africa

Sorry for not posting the rest of the days, but it’s quite busy at school. So no time for the blog. Sadly. Hoping to be able to write some more this coming weekend, so it won’t be completely abandoned.  I’ve also trying to work out once a day in the week days. Lets see how long I can keep that up!

Check out this funny flash “game”.

YogiTea of the day: Your greatness is measured by your gifts, not your possessions.

Africa – Day 3: Selous and sea safari

Today is 26/9

Fun fact first, my bottle is manufactured by Super Meals.

It’s dark and we just arrived from sea safari. We saw a lot of hippos, and some crocodiles.   We where out for around two hours before we watched the sun go down. It was magical and I took a lot of pictures. So many that my camera went out of batteries. No problem I thought, until I got back to my room to find out that I forgot to bring the recharger. I left it where my father lives. Bummer. So guessing it will be few photos tomorrow. Which sucks, but not much I can do.

I forgot to tell how we got to the camp we’re at now. We drove for five hours instead of taking a plane. So we saw a lot of small villages and we drove on a lot of bad roads, but it was okay. And we’ve got to see a lot from the countryside of Tanzania. People don’t have as much as we do, but the look happy and satisfied with them self.

Now I’m sitting in my bed writing and I’m soon going to sleep. Tomorrow we’re getting up around six to go to a car safari. Will be super fun!

I’m also hearing a lot of birds, some insects, and the wind in the trees! Loving it! Good night.

Africa – Day 2: The Beach

Today is 25/9

Woke up six in the morning, but I think the time difference is about three hours. So guessing it was really nine. The reason for waking up, was that I got breakfast on the door. I’m living in a hotel. So I think my father sent it up. It was good, really liked the toasts. After that I went to bed again.

Now I think the clock is half past nine. Need to check with my father when I see him.

Was attending my fathers class and got a logical task about thinking outside the box to work with. Didn’t make it on my own, but it was very close…It was also cool to see my father in action, working, teaching.

Now I’m outside and going to read in my book, “Kafka on the beach”. While my father goes back to work.

Later on, on day two, sitting in a hammock. We’ve moved to a place next to the beach. It’s beautiful and the water is really warm! Oh, have I told you how beautiful it is here? It’s like a paradise. Green trees everywhere, friendly people and I just saw a gecko! They are so cool!

Africa – Day 1: Flight

Today is 24/9

Sitting on the plane. Listening to music (podcast, Nocturnal Sunshine by Matt Darey). Can see down on a desert, guessing it is the Sahara. Also just got some soda water (sparkling) from the nice flight lady. I need to be more precise when O order something next time. Can’t just say soda or water, because I’ll end up with soda water. Don’t really like sparkling water, but it’s better then nothing, and I’m the one making the bad orders. Luckier I have some crunchy M&M’s to get rid of the taste. “Wonder if I can mix”, “nah, not much different”, but it remembered me that I need to take a malaria tablet soon. M&M’s are addictive.

No more deserts, more forest and savannas. Just been to the toilet. They are so small and cozy. Just the size you need. It was also good to walk a bit. Getting a bit stiff sitting for so long. The trip takes around eleven hours.

Iæve also read about sixty pages in a new book, “Kafka on the beach”. It’s very promising, make me really want to do the Poland trip I was planning earlier this year, but didn’t have money for. Next year!

First landing in Africa, Kilimanjaro Airport. Next stop Dar Es Salaam. So looking forward to it. I’ve also turned on Toto with Africa on my Zune! Can’t stop smiling! It’s a bit absurd being here. So far from home in a total different country with a total different culture. Wow!

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Diary time!

Going to start posting from my diary from my trip in Africa. As you’ll probably now, I’m still down here. So don’t have that much Internet. So not sure how many days I will be able to post, but just take a peek once or twice a day. You never know when I’ll blog. You should look for the posts with the title “Africa – Day x: ‘info’ “. Will also write inside the post which day it’s from. Think that all the info you’ll need for now. I’m having a blast in Africa. It’s beautiful down here!

Fast walking

I will consider myself as a fast walker. I like to keep the speed up, but without getting very tired. Really don’t like it when it is crowded and I have to walk in someone else speed. People are generally slow. It’s not like I don’t have time to move slow, I just really like moving fast. One problem I have discovered about moving slow is, stairs. It’s nearly impossible to move fast up stairs without kinda run. It goes well down, you just move your feet a bit faster then normal, but when you are going up. I always end up with semi running, in other words, jogging up. And I don’t really like that, because I don’t want to jog. I just want to walk real fast. So anyone out there got a tip for me?

Also, sorry about no post yesterday. Was a bit busy packing for Africa. I’m leaving home in about 6 hours! Woho! Going to be super fun! Hopefully I will get time to make some post when I’m down there, because I didn’t have time to fix a Munny post for everyday I’m gone. Sorry. Can’t keep every promise I make. That would be inhuman.

YogiTea of the day: May your inner self be secure and happy.

Cranking up the Toto!

For those who don’t get the topic. Watch this before you continue reading! All other, keep on reading. Guess you know what I’m going to talk about next. Yes, that’s right. Africa! As maybe some of you readers now, my father works down in Africa, and finally I’m going to visit him! How cool isn’t that going to be?! Leaving Oslo and Norway next Thursday morning. I’m both looking forward and dreading me to it. Mostly looking forward to it. Will be so different from Norway! Warm (I’m more of a winter person) and moist. “Anywho”, super fun! Not sure if I will be able to blog that much when I’m down there. So to make it more fun you readers while I’m gone. I will make some pre-posts. Munny”week” from 24th September to 6th October, thats 12 awesome (probably) Munnies (?). Will also have a much harder songweek from 28th September to Sunday 4th October. Other then that I’m not sure. Aiming to get at least one or two posts out while I’m down there.

Now I’m off to bed. So blog you all tomorrow. Sleep well.

YogiTea of the day: A relaxed mind is a creative mind.
I know I’ve written it before, but I’m getting some copies now, but this one is to good to not have twice! Next one will be a new one!