The new apartment

I started this post over two months ago, so sometimes it takes a really long time to finish something. As you may know my girlfriend and I bought an three room apartment at the end of September. We had been looking for a place since August 4th, and we finally found and one the bidding round on something be both liked! It’s hard work to find an apartment.

Not sure what to say about it, we been living her for over two months, and we are both very happy. It’s spacious (but not really enough for all the stuff I have), two floors, big bathroom, and three baloneys. There is no fireplace as in the old apartment, which I kinda miss now in the winter season, but the apartment is a lot warmer, which is nice.


As you can see from the image above, it’s not a apartment block, but rather an “old” fashioned house (town house style it said in the ad), built in 2006 with four apartments. One in the basement, one on the ground floor, and two apartments sharing half of first and second floor.

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Sold my apartment

Back in May I posted about some renovation I was doing to my apartment, because I was going to put it up for sale later that month. Now, four months later I’m done with the renovations, sold the apartment, and bought a new one! And I’m moving in on Friday! Couldn’t be more trilled!

Before I introduce you to my new apartment which is nearly twice the size of my old one, I want to post some images of my old one. The photographer did a wonderful job, and I was really pleased with the price I got for it.

The apartment ad can be seen at


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Alone in a big apartment

I helped my ex-girlfriend to move this weekend. We broke up some weeks ago, but we’ve been living together since we’re still good friends and she wasn’t quite sure what she wanted to do. It’s kinda weird to be all alone, but stuff like this happen. “Anywho”, I’m thinking about buying a Acer Aspire One, testing one out now with Ubuntu, works good. So I’ll probably end up getting one. I’ve also completed all the time trials on Mirrors Edge. It’s thought, but I’m getting good. I also tried out the Left 4 Dead demo. The concept is for me the best there is! Just run around killing zombies. Too bad the gameplay sucked so much I quit and deleted the game after ten minutes. Valve should take a look at the gameplay on Call of Duty 4. Guess that’s it, not a long post.

It’s all moving forward

Since my girlfriend and I moved into our apartment, things have been a bit busy. Getting stuff to work, paint walls, set up furniture, make food, school and so on. Luckily we are getting done with most of the stuff. Our bedroom is now painted. Looking really fly, and we’re planning on moving the bed tomorrow. Need to dry and air the smell out first. I’m also starting with my mandatory task in java tomorrow. Probably not getting it done, but will at least get a huge step further than I’m now. Also I’ve been seeing more and more game I want to buy and play. Too bad the time and money doesn’t stretch that far. “Anywho”, N+ level pack #2 is hitting XBLA tomorrow and 2D Boy is done with their World of Goo! Yay!