Flash: Upgrade Complete

Upgrade Complete is a top down down scrolling plane shooter. Not special about the game-play, the trick/secret about this game is all the upgrades you can have! You can upgrade all your weapons and everything else in the game. The menu background, the sound, getting an achievement is an upgrade. Even getting the best graphic is an upgrade! There is also an secret upgrade that I won’t spoil for you what is, but you should check it out!

Other than all the cool upgrades the game is rather easy where you just have to shoot down spaceships that comes at you. The ones you don’t kill will just go past you and disappear and you will fail the level. Still, you get to keep the money and there is no life to loose. So just keep on trying and upgrade!

Check this fun game out at ArmorGames.com!

BC:Rearmed sale!

The deal of the week for people with gold membership for Xbox Live gets BC:Rearmed for only 400 Microsoft points! That’s a nice price if you ask me. I tried it when it first came out, but didn’t fancy it so much that I wanted to spend 800 points, but now that it’s down to 400. I’m sealing the deal! Looking forward to try it out when all my exams are done. You should also get it, so we can play multi player. Up to four players at once! That’s a lot of swinging men…

N+ level idea

Had a friend over last night. And we played some N+. Long time since last time, but I found a little glitch while we where playing survivor. On one of the level pack #3 level, you spawn in front of a Twhump. So one time I spawned behind it  and I got pushed back into “it’s” tunnel and true a one way wall, which I didn’t know I could. So then I came up with the idea of a level that uses that glitch as a “puzzle”. So sketched some levels to an episode on a piece of paper and here they are. Not sure if all of them work, but going to find out today. And if you want to try them out send me an message on Live and I’ll host a game. Gamertag is “Kyrreman”.

Penny Arcade Adventure

Penny Arcade Adventure was released yesterday. I downloaded the demo to my 360 and started playing hopefully. It’s a standard turn-based adventure game, but they have tried to use the old charm that Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the Monkey Islands series use. For me, it didn’t work quiet well. It was to much. I think they where trying to hard to be funny. So it’s not a game I’m going to buy, but you should check it out and see what you self think. A demo is free, plus you’ll be done in under an half hour.

Penny Arcade Adventure coming to XBLA next week!

Penny Arcade Adventure is hitting XBLA May 21 at 1600 Microsoft Points. A bit expensiv, but I think it can be worth it. I’m at least checking out the demo. Penny Arcade Adventure is also coming; PC, Mac and Linux. Not PSN port since it doesn’t support Torque, the engine the game is built on. Hit the jump for some pictures

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