Art from Tumblr

As some you probably know, I spend some time on Tumblr. It’s a great place on the Internet! So for today I’m going to list some cool art that dropped into my Feedly (no more Google Reader) inbox while I was in Spain.

Someone called Jacek Yerka created this strange and wonderful image. More over at CuteBronto.


Not all Tumblr username are safe for work, but this next piece is made by user ProudPussy.


A Danish man named John Kenn made this wonderful scary cute piece. Would really enjoy having it on my wall. This was also from the user CuteBronto.

john kenn

Next up is a gif by a tumblr user called Tmsowacl. Probably not his/her real name. The blog is kinda not safe for work, but not in the porn way, more in the “WTF?” way.

ufo game

Cornelia Konrads is a German artist who makes thing float. Check out more images over at AsianUnicorn.

stone wall

Illustrator MKT4 made this cute little animal. You can see more over at TokyoBunnie.


From France with …

As mention in the previous post, I’ve been away on vacation. More exactly I’ve been in Paris and Perpignan which is in France. My girlfriend and I arrived in Paris last Friday and stayed there for one night before we headed down to Perpignan. In Perpignan my parents had rented a house my hole family was staying in. So most of the week went to relaxing in the pool that belonged to the house. It was great, didn’t do much, read a book, played some Cave Story and ate a lot of good food! We also went to the beach, so I of course got a sunburn. A typical vacation, and renting a house was perfect. So much space just to relax in the sun is great. Hopefully doing that again. I’ll upload some images from the trip tomorrow. Today I present you with what I bought after a trip to Artoyz in Paris. I used a bit more Euro then planned, but I’m pleased with what I ended up with.