Top Truck Challenge Hønefoss 2015 – Tow Truck

Last saturday I participated in my second competiton with my Axial SCX10. This time it was the Top Truck Challenge at Hønefoss. It was the same people as before (NORCC), and they did a wonderful job!

Here is the video from the second competition (the first was show and shine, I placed 5th with my ongoing Unimog project), the Tow Truck challenge!
I didn’t do very well…

More videos will come as soon as I’m done editing them. I’ll also upload some cool images that where taken during the day.

My firste Scale Tour

Last Sunday I met up with some forum-buddies of mine to drive some Scale truck. This was my first real trip since I bought the beast in November. We went to Ekebergåsen where we found some really good, but maybe a tad difficult spots.


Roads never look steep on pictures, but it was. I sadly had to lift my car over this section as it was to steep and slippery.


My friend Kjell’s car on the left and Stig on the right.

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My bluetooth project

I’ve started a new RC project with my scaler car. As I don’t want to spend the $200 (in Norway) a new fancy controller with extra channels, I had to think about something else. So I went into my “tool-box” and took out my Arduino and borrowed a bluetooth module from a friend. Now it’s all hooked up to my lights in the car, and I’ve made a nifty app that controls it all. It’s still not “realease” ready, but not far from it. Atleast for an alpha version.

Out driving the SCX10

Doh! Forgot that I had planned to put the SCX10 video with this post :\ Enjoy the images taken the same day.

Was out with my brothers testing out my new SCX10. It was a bit cold so we just went straight outside, so no big hills or long tracks. Still, we had a lot of fun in a nearby pile of snow and in a little hill.  Click more to see some footage. PC280333 Continue reading Out driving the SCX10