My new Aragon 2 blades

Finally had some time to write something. As I mention, I got my blades yesterday. Have been waiting for them a long time know. And thats no fun! Haven’t had time to try them out yet. Since I’ve been busy, but hopefully tomorrow evening. I’ll let you all know if I where able. You can hit the jump to see some more pictures if you want to. They look really cool if you ask me, and the felt good when I tested them in the living room. Also check out the official site! Continue reading My new Aragon 2 blades

My days fly by!

Been some late blogging lately. Sorry for that, but been to Bergen twice the last days. Had an appointment with my doctor. Last check on my shoulder, and it looks great! He just said that i just had to be careful the next month and everything would be great. Before I headed home to Voss I went and bought an awesome gift for my girlfriend, since its our 6 month anniversary! I’ll post a picture of it tomorrow. Also bought me another Munny. It’s a pink mini Munny with tiara. Also bought a cool blue Nixon belt.

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