Birthday, kinda…

yesterday (not really)! It’s not seven years and one day since I first launched this blog! I’m pretty amazed and proud that I’ve manage to keep this project going for seven years. I haven’t managed to post every week (or every day as my first plan was to), but nearly every month, just missing July in 2011 and April in 2014. That is not bad.

I’m not that big of celebrating these blogdays, as I’ve only remembered it three times. First was of course in 2008, the first year, then again in 2009, and last time was in 2011, when I was, as today, one day late.

…so…yeah. I kinda got distracted working on a graph over all the posts over the years, because I wanted it to update live using some PHP and Javascript. Then it started to snow and I wanted to drive my RC car before going to bed.

So that is why this post is not longer…

PS: I’ll post some images from my car covered in snow tomorrow.

Tag Story

I like to keep my random stuff and personal stuff seperated from my developer stuff. So that is why I have a different blog called Fifth Floor Studio, where I post about my project and code that I find interesting. It is not widely updated, but, sometimes. And now is one of those sometimes.

Head over to Fifth Floor Studio to read the latest post.

Tag Story has been listed on the sideboard for quiet some time, but nothing have been written about it. I’m not going into details about the project (as you can read more about it here or here), but in short it is a framework and an app to help people get out and interact with the world.

Forgotten birthday…

It’s four years ago since I’ve started this blog, and this fall have been the slowest of them all. And it’s the second time I forget my blog’s birthday. I even planned last week that I should write something clever to show that I still watch over it, but since I had my last two exams this week, I forgot all about it. University at master’s level (they went well).

Other then school I’ve been busy working on a new Android application. This time I’m trying to make a game. So for the last week I’ve been working on the internal/core of the game. It’s called “Space Settlers” and it’s about discovering new planets and gathering resources and points to beat the other players. You can also fight the other players with different monsters. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a more friendlier UI (now it’s all text) this coming week.
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Christmas break!

I’m finally done with my last exam and I feels great. I will try to be better at bloging, but since it’s Christmas and I’m going to be busy chilling and being with family. So might be wondering what I’ve been up to the last month, since I haven’t written anything about my life. I’ve been mostly busy with studying for my exams and playing WoW: Cataclysm. As you may remember, I started playing again. And it’s really fun. There has also been some Heroclixing. Yesterday there was a huge tournament, and it was super fun. won’t be any more playing before the new year I guess.

My android app is going good. There has been over 200 downloads, and now that I’m done with school. I’m going to add some more features before I try to make an similar app for Windows mobile 7. Looking forward to that. That’s all for now. Blog you later.

Blog post number 1000!

This is what Wikipedia have to say about the number 1000. So it finally came (and tomorrow it will be gone). Post number 1000. Never thought it will go this fast. As it’s just over a year a go since I’ve hit the 500th post (Aug 11, 2009 @ 23:10). Thats 383 days, or one year and eighteen days if you like. Also 33,091,200 seconds, 551,520 minutes, 9192 hours or 54 weeks (rounded down). Numbers are fun. If you have read the 500th post I found out that I’ve been writing 0,82 post a day since I started this blog, and now I’m up to 0.991! Nearly a post a day. If I keep this up I’ll hit the “magic” one post a day mark very soon. Let’s see when this blog celebrate three years this December. Can I reach it? I also talked about some goals or things that I was going to fix, and I see that I made all of them, but one come true. That’s not bad. So guess my next goal is to get a new banner/logo and a new theme. As last time, I’m going to have a cake party. My apartment next next Sunday. Thats 12th September. Be there or be Be there. Will get back to the excat tim

Clean up time

I’m cleaning up my blog pages and links. As you may have noticed, my flash games links have been removed. I replaced it with a “Flash reviews” page. Here can you easy find the name of the game, what I thought about it, and a direct link to the game. Isen’t that convinient? I’m also working on some other small updates. So we’ll see if you notice them.

In other news. If you would like to see what I did on Sunday, head over to Chrissie’s blog and check out her pictures. If your not sure, I can tell you so much that there is sword fighting and rocket launching!

Go go gadget serious post!

So, I promised you all a serious blog. And now that I’m sitting down, ready to write, I can’t find something extra ordinary to write about. So yuo have to settle with that really happened in my life since I’ve got home from Germany, which is now two weeks ago since.

Not sure what happened the week after I got home other then that I got my Jónsi album (got some pictures a the bottom). I do know what happened last weekend, I went to my cottage with my family to cut some wood for the winter. That was nice and fun, we played a lot of Munchin!

This week, I’ve had one exam and been preparing for my next one which is on the 3rd of June. I’ve also drawn 5 Vimobots, just need to paint them and I’m done with that I would call a series. I’ll  post pictures when I’m done. Maybe I’ll take some tomorrow, because I’m done with my Hello Kitty Munny! Finally, took some done, but is done and looking smoking! So if the weather is good, I’m going to try to take some pictures out in my backyard. Hoping they will turn out good.

I’ve also nearly done with my photo booth (see post), and then I can start taking my own pictures to my shop instead of borrowing from others.

Guess that’s nearly all, I say nearly because today I was visiting my brother and his girlfriend, with my girlfriend and we barbecued. It was awesome, at way to much, but we live only once!

Now I’m going to bed, cause I need to get up early tomorrow. First time golfing this season, going to be interesting to see if I like it…

PS: Forgot to add pictures…