Arduino and Bluetooth

Got some Arduino and Bluetooth parts in the mail. These are for a Arduino RC project I’m working on. The one mentioned earlier. I’m kinda tired now, so don’t feel to write a long blog.

So to keep it short, it is about controlling light and winch in my RC scaler with my phone using Bluetooth. As you’ve seen in the earlier videos it is working really well. I’ve also been in contact with other RC enthusiast which want to buy my solution. So I’ve ordered ten Arduinos and ten Bluetooth modules. wpid-IMG_20140131_161921.jpg




My bluetooth project

I’ve started a new RC project with my scaler car. As I don’t want to spend the $200 (in Norway) a new fancy controller with extra channels, I had to think about something else. So I went into my “tool-box” and took out my Arduino and borrowed a bluetooth module from a friend. Now it’s all hooked up to my lights in the car, and I’ve made a nifty app that controls it all. It’s still not “realease” ready, but not far from it. Atleast for an alpha version.