Picture time!

I forgot to tell you all what I got from my girlfriend as a birthday present. A Xbox 360 S! How cool isn’t that?! There is a small story of how I ended up with that. As some may know, my birthday is the 9th. So when we got home from my cabin, I got a medium sized gift-wrapped box which I could open before next Sunday. How boring isn’t that? So I had to wait, finally night of Sunday I was allowed to open it. As I had no idea what it was, I was quiet shocked that it was two bags of 1-2-3 cake. Then she laughed and handed my another gift. I tried to shake it a bit, and I guessed that it maybe was Lego (that would be so much better then what I got). It wasn’t, it was confectionery, which is my idea of a booooring gift. Luckily this is an intern joke, so she laughed again and went to get a big present! I had no idea what is was before I opened it, and I was speechless. One of best present I’ve ever received.

Here some pictures I took of it after I put it up. It got dusty real quick. There is also some pictures of my bottle/can collection.

My water bottles!

I finally got my new water bottles today! They came in an awesome package that fitted the environment profile. I’ve been using the green one for two full bottles and I’m pretty pleased with it. The filter do make it harder to get the water, but now I know that it is healthy for me! Not that that is really important in Norway. The water here is, legen…wait for it…dary! Check out some photos after the bump! I also got two plants from my girlfriend. How kind. One it a tomato plant and the other is sunflower.

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