Life goes past so fast

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve started school this year, and a couple of things have happened. As you all know I started this year as a Japanese student, but not anymore. It was too hard to follow and they moved forward to fast for me. So I couldn’t keep up and I felt stressed all the time. Something I really ever do, and sure don’t like. Not at all! So I dropped that classed and started on a “Digital Representation” class where I will learn about bits and bytes. Very geeky, but also very fun. Today we learned how to calculate binary and hexadecimals. Super fun! The other class is C programming, called “Introduction to System Development”. Which also looks like a lot of fun, but also a bit hard. C is a lot more trickier then Java, but I won’t give up! C is so much more powerful then Java, and who doesn’t want more power?! So that’s roughly how my last days have been. Need to buy some more books before I can say that I’m official back in study tracks. Looking forward. Going to be good to come back in programming!

Also, the Jónsi & Alex I was talking about earlier today is an album aka music.

YogiTea of the day: True understanding is found through compassion.