This came in the mail

A lot happened today. First I wake up to find out someone have stolen my new squash shoes. So had to take my old ones to practice today. That sucks! Now I need to spend another 1000NOK on new shoes! Unfair, what have I done to karma to deserve that. Hum…

Luckily it got better at school. I finished my home exam in C, one day ahead. Cheers. Now I don’t need to stay at school all the day tomorrow. So now I can go and have dinner with my dad.

I also got three packages in the mail. Couldn’t guess any of them, and one was even marked with figurines. And I hadn’t bought that! So was tripping up the five floors so I could open them up! One was the third Sigur Rós album I won, second was Sega Superstar Tennis which I won in a competition over at   BroboCop was the competition holder. Thank you! The last one was Record of Lodoss War. A great game for the Dreamcast. A bit rare, so I’m quiet happy with it.

And here is one of the Record of Lodoss War

Life goes past so fast

It’s been nearly two weeks since I’ve started school this year, and a couple of things have happened. As you all know I started this year as a Japanese student, but not anymore. It was too hard to follow and they moved forward to fast for me. So I couldn’t keep up and I felt stressed all the time. Something I really ever do, and sure don’t like. Not at all! So I dropped that classed and started on a “Digital Representation” class where I will learn about bits and bytes. Very geeky, but also very fun. Today we learned how to calculate binary and hexadecimals. Super fun! The other class is C programming, called “Introduction to System Development”. Which also looks like a lot of fun, but also a bit hard. C is a lot more trickier then Java, but I won’t give up! C is so much more powerful then Java, and who doesn’t want more power?! So that’s roughly how my last days have been. Need to buy some more books before I can say that I’m official back in study tracks. Looking forward. Going to be good to come back in programming!

Also, the Jónsi & Alex I was talking about earlier today is an album aka music.

YogiTea of the day: True understanding is found through compassion.