Christmas calendar

The first word that came up in Google Translate when I typed in “julekalender” was “BORACAY”. What does that mean? Wikipedia says Boracay is an island outside Philippines. Cool, but wasn’t quiet what I was aiming for. I’m talking about a Christmas calender, of the easy sort. My calender for you readers is a new Youtube video every day! So every day at 12 o’clock a new video will pop up for all of you. I’m not planning to write something about it, just post it.

On a completly different notice, I’m working on a new page for my game collection. See what I’ve done after the jump!
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Gifts and stuff

Couldn’t really come up with a better title. Can’t shine everytime. “Anywho”, promised that I would post some pictures of the two wonderful gifts a got from my friend. So here they are. There is also some pictures of stuff I bought on Monday. I’ve also started to plan my “new” retro page. So it should pop up in a close future.

PS: The burgers were good!