Soul Calibur is in the house

Got home today and I bought Soul Calibur IV. It’s fun, haven’t played it for too long, but think it’s worth the money. Also it is a bit nice to be able to make your own character and make new outfits for the regular once. Made a cute white gear to Talim, but now she looks tired, and not the “I need some sleep tired”, but more like “I’ve been on the street” tired. He he, fun!

It’s a but easy on medium mode. When you play Story mode, but that’s okay. Makes it easier to get money and complete it with all the character’s. And the reason for that you want to do that, is because there is beautiful end movies for each and every character.

Will write some more about this game tomorrow, when I have more time to try out the other modes.

Soul Calibur IV Box

The Soul Calibur IV box art and contents is now revealed. The box is the same for PS3 and Xbox 360, but with slightly content. The PS3 has a black t-shirt with Mitsurugi/Darth Vader on and the 360 t-shirt is white with Yoda/Siegfried. They are all shipped with a XL t-shirt, so will probably nearly everyone. There is also a tournament kit in the box. Haven’t been much official talk about it, but you can use it as a tournament bracket card. Really looking forward to this game!

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