Late sunday…

School starting tomorrow! Going to be super fun! Really looking forward to start with Japanese.  Other than that I was at “Øya festivalen” yesterday. It was awesome, and for those who follow me on twitter, you already know how much I liked the concerts, but I’ll write it anyway. I attended at three concert, one was a local Vikersund band, which was part music part performance/dance. Really good beats and an awesome show! Then I saw Crystal Castles with my brother, wasn’t as good as I thought they would be. Alice Glass the vocalist was to drunk and tired. So it was a pretty weak performance, luckily the sound/beats where good. Last, but not least I saw Röyksopp which is just an incredible Norwegian electro duo! And they where just awesome! So want to go to another concert with them, or a club gig. Maybe a bit low vocal on the guests artists, but who cares. It was just amazing!

YogiTea of the day: See the soul and divinity in everybody.

Stuff happends

Last evening the Trials 2 Second Edition 1.06 arrived. With 5 new tracks. 4 easy and one dynamic hard. There is also a lot of other features which you can read in the change list. So I was up till three just to have tested all the new tracks and go through the old dynamic tracks because they had all been changed on so there where no records on them and the dynamic was better. Also got my Newton achievement. So I’m pretty high up int he rankings now.

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