Lonely night…

Tonight I’ve been with a good friend from school, his girlfriend, and two other couples. It felt a bit strange being the only single in the group. YEah, forgot to tell, we where at the student cinema called Cinemaneuf. They showed three preview movies in a row. Three good movies, one Finnish called “love madness”, Nowhere boy (which is about the childhood of John Lennon) and last an animation from Australia I think called Mary og Max. One funny thing was that every time one of the movies where done, the people next to me turned away from me, since I was kinda in the middle and started talking to their boy/girlfriends. Kinda funny. I also saw a lot of couples on the subway on my way home. I miss to a someone to be with.

Ohh…I also got a letter from a special friend, looking forward to opening it and read it. So good night all!

Time for some changes!

I’m working on a new theme for the blog. I found a really nice one over at SmashingMagazine.com. The theme is named “Notepad Chao” and is written/created by Evan Eckard. So just need to change some of the texture before I can “ready-set-live”.

I also watched a silent movie today. “Man with a Movie Camera“. A strange movie, and I’ve heard that the soundtrack should be really good, but sadly it was no sound when I saw it. So I just sat in silence for about an hour. Not something I want to do again.