Sonic Colors

Guess what I did, I bought Sonic Colors for the DS. It was for sale in a cool collectors edition package, so I just “had” to have it. The only Sonic games I’ve played is Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, which I really like. As Sonic Colors is using the side-scrolling style Sonic got famous for, I didn’t know what to expect. Have only played a few levels, but I’m having problem following what happens on the two screen the DS have. You end up switching between them all the time while you run. It is also extremely fast pace. So I’m having trouble following whats happening on the screen, which leads to me losing a lot of stars. Sucks! We’ll see how long I’ll play it before I switch back to Pokemon Platinum. The graphic is nice and I’ve spotted a Chao! I really like Chao’s.

A hole in my sock

Some nights I just can’t get to bed early. This is one of these nights. Been to work today, after that I went straight to play squash. I was in another Squash competition. Club “championship”. Didn’t go as well as last time, second last, but it’s fun. And that the most important. Plus I have an excuse, my shoes are really slippery. So didn’t get any good grip. After the competition we went to an bar at the campus and ate pizza. yummy! So now I’m back at the apartment. A funny is that I forgot my keys at work, so had to cycle back to get them when I got home. That sucked.

I’ve also downloaded and installed Windows 7. Looks good. I think (or just believe) it starts a little faster than Vista. Haven’t notice much different yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. I’ve also changed my mind about the new theme. I’m thinking about sticking with the theme I have now, and only change the colors. Going to be much better. Hopefully I can start with it tomorrow, since I’m not going to do what I had planned.