RC Competition @ Gjøvik 29 and 30 March

This las weekend I was at Gjøvik competing in my first ever RC competition. I drove my Christmas gift M-Chassi and had a blast! I learned a lot about driving and how to set up my car. So now I’ve ordered a ton of new parts to tune it. Mostly because I manage to snap the chassis in two when I hit the wall in my practice run, and I broke one of my back wheel on the last heat. Guess that happens. Luckily new parts are pretty cheap.

I’ve uploaded a ton of images to my flickr account, so head over there to see them all.




On Thursday my institute arranged a business day called Dagen@Ifi. This year I got surprised to see that they where arranging a Quake competition, and luck struck when it was Quake, the original Quake. Which is what I’ve played the most. Love that game! When I joined I didn’t know what I could win, and just wanted to join for the fun. For all I know there could be other good players. So, first round went pretty well; 19-1. He got a point when we both telefragged each other. Which is always hilarious. Second and third match also went pretty good. So I finally ended up in the final. Which was a “first man to 50 frags” type of match. Took about an hour, but I won (and by a long shoot to, 50-4). So that made the proud winner of an D-Link Boxee and a D-Link Sharecenter!


It hasn’t worked smoothly, but I’m getting the hang about how it works now. Luckily the Sharepoint works like a charm. Just need to get my hands on some more quietly hdd’s.

image image

Munny competition

My local fantasy store, Outland. Opened a new store today, and a pretty huge one too! So they had some competition. And since it was a Munny competition, I had to be there. Need to support the low community in Norway. First it was just my girlfriend and I, but another girl joined us later. So it ended up with three contributions. The winner was my girlfriend with here SuperBao (Rooz). The cool thing is that they had us design on either Rooz or Bob, not the usually white Munny. In the pictures down, mine is the brown monster, and the girl made a Zombie panda. Awesome! If you want to see them live, you can visit the new Outland store in Kirkegata 23 (Oslo, Norway).

Against all odds

Today my blog celebrate it’s second birthday. It’s been up two years today and I’ve written more then 700 posts. Thats more than two each day. Unbelievable if you ask me. I haven’t had this big plans when I started, and now look where I’m at. I’ve also started another project “Life of ‘name” (still need a name), and I’m going to have a competition for you all to participant in, but more about that later down and in a separate post. So about this two year anniversary. Not sure what to say, it feels great. Of course I could wish I had more readers. I think I have two maybe three average readers, and one of them is my brother. Nothing wrong about that, guess it’s not that much fun to read about what I buy, read, or all the other stuff I do. I could have just faked it and wrote about how my party life is, and all the girls I bring back home to my penthouse apartment at the top with a view over the city. Or I could have made a videoblog about all the strange things that happen. Like how some people walk around looking down on the ground. Look straight a head and smile! A smile spread like fire in grass. So if more people smile, the world would be a better place! Hopefully. That’s what I do at least., smile! I also try to smile extra too cute girls I pass, but it’s hard. I just get embarrassed. I’m not as awesome as Barney (How I Met Your Mother), I’m more like JD (Scrubs). So this weekend I’m going to try out appletinis with my best friend. Going to be interesting. I just want to try something new. Hehe…it’s easy to start to write about one thing and then end up with something completely else. Guess my point is that I’m not going to write about stuff that isn’t happening just to get more readers. The next year I will just keep writing about how my life goes on and maybe next year, when I look back there will be some good people drawing posts. Either way I’ll hopefully keep my steady readers!

Will write about the competition tomorrow.

So, about yesterday

Yesterday I had a really long post. It’s fun, but takes long to write. Luckily time is not real. So my point is that I’ve been using a bit of todays time to finish up with something I started on yesterday, and that was following links (a to the wesome!) . For I found the links I was talking about today. Mostly because one of them was so kindly to comment on my blog. She is called Hanne and she writes about her life (in Norwegian), she also plays PSP which is a huge plus if your a girl. At least from a gamer boys perspective. There are too few gamer girls. I learned that a girl called Emma is the best <3 (girls like hearts, me too!). She also proved the fact that all girls likes clothes!

So then we continue my travel, through Hanne I “found” Silje (Norwegian), which also writes about herself! Aren’t we all a bit ego. The cool thing with Silje’s blog is that she have a weekly letter (today is ‘M’), she also have a FAQ and a biography. Impressive isn’t it? If you thought that was all Silje had to offer you’re wrong! Indeed you are! She writes about her opinions, tests, everything and nothing (can’t you really talk about everything, and still talk about nothing…hum, a logical flaw). Silje even have her own competition where everyone can participate, so that’s what I’m doing right now! How cool isn’t it to have her own competition? Maybe that’s what I should do for my two years anniversary the 12th of December? We’ll see. So if you want to join Siljes contest click here.

Somehow I arraived at a  blog called WeMovedTo18thFloor and FunkyFresh. These are two blogs, but since they where a couple I thought I could mixed it. They both love taking photo’s and the girl is good at layout and photoshopping. She even has her own tutorials! Awesome. So about the boy, he writes about his life, looks like he also likes to wonder to other blogs. At least pictures. Also check out some of his own pictures. Ohh…check out “500 år siden” of WeMovedTo18thFloor.

Soon at the end, but I’m going to save the three last blogs and the two people for another time. It’s time for me to watch a movie, so I can go to bed before it’s to late…

PS: If any of you don’t like what I’ve writen or have any problem at all, let me know! I don’t try to make fun of you (even it may sound like it some times) or something. If it something, then I will guess it jealousy. Your life looks so cool. Which I had been more creative when I was at your age (I know I not that much older)!

Trials competion!

And yet it moves competition!

The nice guys Broken rules send us 9 keys for And Yet It Moves! (http://www.andyetitmoves.net) So its time to set up small competition and give them to you guys.

Idea is to make Trials 2 SE image using the same art style as And Yet It Moves has. You don’t have to have mad Photoshop skills. Just make the screen fun&entertaining. Be creative. Post your shot in this thread.

Best 9 screenies will win the copy of And Yet It Moves!

Winner will be announced in this thread 3rd of August.

Have fun!

Check out the thread here…