Javazone 2013 – day 1

Finally I’ve uploaded the image recap of Javazone 2013 day 1. I have a couple more from day 2 that will go in another post. Hopefully tonight or tomorrow. I’ve also written some text underneath.


Vianett, a company from Moss working with SMS had this awesome competition where you had to drive these Zenwheels micro cars around a home made track. It was a big challenge and a lot of fun.


You could also win a radio-controlled car (not the Zenwheel, but a cheaper one) if you lapped under 40-seconds. So after a couple of tries I managed a lap for 00:39:661 which put me in fourth overall. So I got another car later that night (I’ll post a photo of the cars in the next post about Javazone).


There where also a stand with a huge collection of old computer/Amiga games, which was cool. You could also play some of them.


Computas had the best food-stand if you ask me. It was a yoghurt, muesli and fruit bar.


In another stand (can’t remember the name) you could try this little robot, and try to shot down the wooden cubes (the ones standing on the black cubes). It was fun, but hard.


On my way home I spotted this blue and black bike. Pretty sweet!

Using math to find Waldo!

One creative coder/mathematician found a creative way to find Waldo in this picture (yes, sadly it only works with this iamge (you could how ever tweak the algorithm to work with other images))! How cool isn’t that? You can check out the algorithm over at, and while your there you should check out some of the other solutions.

So what have I been up too

I started school last week, so the last week have been quiet hectic. As one of my new years resolutions is to read more of the curriculum, I’ve been busy reading. I even started a week in advance! That’s never happen before, sadly I read the wrong chapters. I started at the beginning of the book, but class started in the middle. Now you might be wondering what kind of class I’m talking about. This year I take “Introduction to metaphysics and the philosophy of consciousness”, “Functional programming” (which is about Scheme) and “Computational linguistics” (which is about common LISP). It was the philosophy class I started reading in advance, it’s really interesting.

Other then that I’ve started school I’ve been meeting new people, that’s always fun and interesting. I’ve also meet some old friends, one which  have been in China for the last semester. So it was really nice to meet her again. She had done something wonderful with her hair. So now she looks really cute.

So about now post Saturday and Sunday. Sorry about that. I’ve been away to my cabin with my brother, his wife and her sister. I originally hoped to chill out and read a lot about metaphysics and read the hundred page from ”Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) by Thomas Mann, but no. Didn’t get to read before Sunday, but it’s my fault. We had such a good time that I didn’t want to be boring and read. I’ve also found out that I’m not going to finish “Der Zauberberg”, it’s too boring. I also tried a new board game called “Mexican Train”, that was a lot of fun. So I’m putting it on my “to buy list”.

Not sure how often I will get to blog this week, but hopefully every day. At least I’ll post a video. Bye…

It’s “snowing”

Went skiing with my brother and some friends today! It’s wasn’t the best weather, but still a lot of fun! Havn’t been skiing since christmas. I also learned me a new trick, 360! I’m super proud! Never done it on telemark before. “Anywho”, this is just a little filler, since I haven’t posted something in two days. Been a bit busy. Friday I worked as always, and after that I played my first Squash tournament. It was just a small club one, but still a lot of fun and I learened a lot playing with the better players! Yesterday I had a friend over and we made pizza and watched “Stardust”, a different kind of fantasy movie.

And now I’m trying to install Windows 98 on my old computer. Will post some pictures later today!

In good and in sickness

Today my girlfriend had her tonsil removed. So she is going through some pain. Problem eating and drinking. So it’s probably going to be a long night. Hopefully everything will go quick over and she will be back to healthier jumpy girlfriend.

I also have some good news. I’m getting my desktop computer tomorrow. So I’ll start posting some doodles on Sunday. Can’t wait! Thinking about putting up an easy wordpress blog under a standalone domain. Something like, we’ll see. Need to think about a clever name. There is a lot of site covering this subject out there. Just check out the wikipedia article. Maybe everyone can upload their doodles and it will be a big doodle community. That would be fun. Only time will tell. Hehe, “anywho”. Got my first css site up and running. Very easy one, was school assignment, you can check it out over at (it’s all in Norwegian).

My new computer

Got my computer today. Was up real earl just to try it out before I had to go on a job interview at Norwegian Church Aid. I got the job. Not a big one, just sorting old papers and cleaning stores. A typical summer job, starting tomorrow. So not going to stay up late today.

“Anywho”, got my Asus A7sn laptop today. With some other stuff I ordered. I was a bit unsure when I ordered it, since it looked a bit metallic and flashy. Now that I have it in my lap I don’t think so. It’s prefect. Big screen, big keyboard and high performance. Can you ask for more? Not me. Have some pictures after the jump. Continue reading My new computer