Wait up, Time!

Been a while since Ive talked about my life, but as one of my new years resolution where to work more with my curriculum, my time just fly by. I’ve also started dancing swing (Rock Step), which is quite fun. I have been dancing before, but the seriousness was as high as it is now.  Now we are practicing on the ground moves, changing places and similar. It’s important to have a good foundation.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with a girl I know.  So little time for my self and my blog. Sadly, but I do try to work on a new banner, which is super hard. It’s not coming up with an idea, that is hard, but to get it from my head or paper. To the computer, still looking as good.

Well, I’m off to bed now, got philosophy eight in the morning. A bit to early, but not much I can do with that. I also need to start on my mandatory task. So good night and sleep well! I know I will…