Lousy day

Not much to write about this weekend. Been to Sweden. Bought candy, ice tea (24l) and firecrackers. Fun fun fun.  Had a little car “accident” on the way to Sweden. Our car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. We where in the middle lane so it was a bit scary, but we got the car running after about 20 min and drove to the side. Then we had to wait for our father (it was my brother and I who where going to Sweden). When he arrived we got his car and continued the trip while he tried to get the car going, didn’t work so he had to get it towed to a car workshop. Not that fun.

Now I’m going to chill the rest of the day and play CoD4 with my brother!

New stuff day

Got some new stuff today, as the topic says! My mouse, cellphone and graphic card arrived today. Order it all on Monday so it came on time. My mouse is a smooth Razer DeathAdder. Fits really well in my hand, so I’m looking forward to start gaming with it. The cellphone I bought is a Sony Ericsson k550i, nothing big and flashy. Just one that works and have what I need. Hit the jump to see a googled picture. Asus 8500GT is my new graphic card, nothing huge, but better than the Radeon x800 I had from before. There is also a picture of the card and some info after the jump.

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