Hello everyone

The poll ended yesterday and the vote ended at 5 to “Kyrremann.com” and 5 to “No need…”, so it’s a tie. I guess the world isn’t ready for yet another site from me. It’s also no biggie that I don’t need to get another domain, as I don’t have much time to build a new site. Maybe I’ll try again this summer…

I also got my package from Hong Kong today! Woho! Was really looking forward to try out the extra ram which goes into the GBA slot on my NDS, but no. The slot 2 device I bought only works on certain cards, which mine is not. So now I’m thinking about either buying a new card or just sell the extra ram. Not sure yet. “Anywho”, if you’d like to see some pictures of them hit the read more. You will also see my paper craft “Balrog” (from Cave Story)!

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New layout is coming!

It’s really true! I’m nearly done with my new layout. Need some adjustment at the bottom. Can’t get the footer right. Something fishy there. So as soon as I fix that the new layout is hitting the website! How cool isn’t that?! I also have some futures I’m planning to add to the layout when I get time.

I also bought a new domain! So check out www.Doodlestyle.net in the next 24 hours!

In good and in sickness

Today my girlfriend had her tonsil removed. So she is going through some pain. Problem eating and drinking. So it’s probably going to be a long night. Hopefully everything will go quick over and she will be back to healthier jumpy girlfriend.

I also have some good news. I’m getting my desktop computer tomorrow. So I’ll start posting some doodles on Sunday. Can’t wait! Thinking about putting up an easy wordpress blog under a standalone domain. Something like www.doodelssomething.com, we’ll see. Need to think about a clever name. There is a lot of site covering this subject out there. Just check out the wikipedia article. Maybe everyone can upload their doodles and it will be a big doodle community. That would be fun. Only time will tell. Hehe, “anywho”. Got my first css site up and running. Very easy one, was school assignment, you can check it out over at folk.uio.no/kyrrehe/Oblig1.html (it’s all in Norwegian).