Some projects update

As you may remembered I started with a Litago Zune dock a while a go, and now I’m coming to and end. I sprayed some white over it all yesterday, and next step is to spray the Zune logo on the side.

I didn’t want a complete color, so went with black background and then I’d “throw” white spray over it.

My next porject is a very new one. So new, that I started with it yesterday. The idea is to make my Sponster doodle into an figure. So I tried to make the skeleton with bamboo sticks, but think I need something more powerful. So going to buy ironthread and clay today.

Last week I told you I had started a project I would tell more about on Saturday, sadly I didn’t come that far in the process. So before you all forget it, I just wanted to tell you what it is I’m making beisdes all my other projects. I’m going to sew my own one-piece. I’m now working on the test suit (see if everything fits on me). Going to post a picture of it when I’m done with that. As I’m new to sewing, everything is going really slow, plus I’m also busy with other stuff.

School is fun!

Kinda, at least. Been a bit busy with all the work so haven’t had time to work on the layout. So was thinking about maybe just put it out there with the minor bug. I don’t think it will bother people that much.

I also have bought Amped 3. Was on sale, so thought that I should give it a try. It’s easy achievements, that’s for sure. The story is lame, but it’s fun to play while we wait for the real snowboard games coming this winter.

Btw, check out this achievement generator over at I made this funny one *giggle*

Tada! is up and running! Well, not completely. Have some url problems, so need to use until that get fixed. Hopefully tomorrow! !It’s fixed! Now you can use as much as you want! “Anywho”, head over and sign up to join the fun! For they who don’t know what I’m talking about; is a community for everyone who loves to doodle (to draw or scribble (something) aimlessly). Here everyone can join and post their own doodle and write a short note about it. If you don’t have a doodle, you can look through the archive and comment on other peoples doodle. So have fun and keep up the doodling!

New layout is coming!

It’s really true! I’m nearly done with my new layout. Need some adjustment at the bottom. Can’t get the footer right. Something fishy there. So as soon as I fix that the new layout is hitting the website! How cool isn’t that?! I also have some futures I’m planning to add to the layout when I get time.

I also bought a new domain! So check out in the next 24 hours!