I cut my finger

Monday tomorrow, so going back to school. It’s been a long weekend. With a bit to little to do. Was home yesterday, watched a lot of series and played some Wind Waker. Hope it’s not much left now, because I want to start play some other games soon. Can’t start a new one before I’m done with the one I’m playing, or else I’ll just mess up the stories.

Today have been a more fun day, was up early as usual. I really need to get a darker curtain. It’s too light in the morning, and warm. The sun is shining on my body! I started of to wash the dishes before I dusted down my living room. Quiet a lot of dust on my shelves. After that I started cleaning my bathroom. Even cleaned the pipes, they where disgusting! A lot of strange things where growing there. I even cut my self doing that. So now I have a “big” finger with plaster on it. Makes it a little harder to write, but I’ll manage. I had originally planed to BBQ in the park with some of my friends, but the weather wasn’t that good, plus my best friend was a little sick, we cancelled. So I went up to him and made some lasagna, watched “The Happening” and played some Resident Evil 5 co-op. It was a lot better co-op than single player.

So I haven’t talked about my Poland trip lately, because there is probably not going to be any trip in June, maybe in August. I need to see. You my wonder why, and its because I don’t have any summer job to get some money from. I thought I could work the hole summer at Norwegian Church Aid where I’m currently working, but they don’t have anything for me to do. So guess I need to find somewhere else to work. And that’s hard. Have sent a ton of CV and application, so now I just have to sit back and wait. I really hope I can get my hands on some work. Or it will be a poor summer.

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