Singapore Drift

I got home from Singapore yesterday and I must say that it has been a great trip! I didn’t take as much pictures as I usually do, and I used my phone a lot more then usually. So I’m going to spread the pictures out this week to get time to write a little about (maybe) each of them. This post is dedicated to all the cars I saw in Singapore. In Singapore it is really expensive to own a car, I think you even have to pay a $90 000 (SGD) license to even allow to have a car. And then you can only have that car for ten years, before it has to be scrapped. So for some reason a lot of people spend even more money to “pimp” the car. So in some streets I felt like I was in the movie Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.


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Images of a drift car

Here are some new images of my drift car. As you maybe notice from the last shots is that it have change a bit of colour. It turns out that the duck-tape was holding a lot of paint. So when I ripped it of to change it, most of the paint followed. I ended up washing it again and putting on new tape to see how it turned out, and it wasn’t half bad. It really helped to also put on the decals that followed. When I buy a new body, I’m probably going to try something similar.


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3Racing XI Sport

I uploaded images of a new car yesterday (that my brother managed to crash). I had originally planned to post this little image series a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been to busy so it has just stayed in my draft folder. Finally I had some time to post it. So, yeah…I’ve started drifting! It all started when a friend of mine talked about how boring it’s going to be when the winter sets in and we can drive on the road any more. So we went looking for places to drive inside. The closest one was RC-Land (which I’ve already posted a video from), but we weren’t allowed to drive with our buggies. Which kinda sucks, but I totally understand. The track is way to small for a 1/8.

As you can see underneath that didn’t stop us. I spent part of my RC-budget (which I was saving up for something else, but more on that later) on a new 3Racing XI Sport. Originally for touring, but works really well for drifting when you switch the diff’s.

The box for the 3Racing XI Sport.
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