Guitar Hero Band Pack

Been some days since I posted last time, have to blame exam and me taking two days of and chilling at my cabin. So going to post a new post every other hour today to get on track with all you’ve missed and all what I have experience the last week. So I’ll start with last Monday (a week back in time). I’ll try to stay in presence.

Today I bought Guitar Hero Band Pack! I’ve always wanted to try out the drum kit, but have thought it’s been to expensive. Then suddenly I saw a Gamestop ad where they where selling it super cheap if you traded in four of your games. So I picked Amped 3, Skate, Dead Rising and MX vs ATV out of my self (need to buy Amped 3, Skate and Dead Rising back!) and headed down. First time I was there (Saturday) they we’re all out and didn’t know when they would get some new back. So I was all mopey and didn’t thought I would get one. Then I went back on Monday since I had to pick something up for my work. I packed my games just in case and looked inside first one Gamestop, and they hadn’t got anything, then I checked a second one and they had one Band Pack left! “Woho” I thought and said. So that’s how I got my hands on a Band Pack. After that I had to carry it from the store and back home. That was very exhausting! I’ve forgot to mention that Guitar Hero Metallica was a part of the deal, so I got an extra guitar (now I have three, so going to try to sell one)!

The Metallica version is okay, with a lot of Metallica songs (duh), but not many other cool songs. They need to start getting songs I like! What about some Dream Theater Guitar Hero, or Smashing Pumpkins. Or what about region based?! Some Norwegian and Swedish Guitar Hero would be awesome! Maybe I’ll just pick up Rock Band to solve the song issue.

Thought about drums: I think it’s a lot of fun, very hard. A lot harder than guitar, but I’m getting a hang of it now. Started to play a little bit medium (I’m playing mostly Hard and a bit expert on Guitar). It feel really great to play on the drums, but it o make a lot of sounds just hitting the pads. Need to find a way to dampen that, I’ve read on the Internet that you can use linen to cover them. So maybe I’ll try that one time.