About my Easter holiday

I had originally planned to stay home all Easter and work with my Master thesis, that didn’t happened. Or, it did the first weekend. Then on Tuesday I went to The Gathering and on Friday I went to my cabin. Underneath you can see some images I took.

Campfire at the top of Nipa.

The view from Nipa, it is stunning!

My red telemark boots that are way to tight. Need someone that are more wider.

Tried out my car in the snow, worked like a charm. At least where the snow was hard.

The sun shining down on the snow at the cabin.

It ain’t Easter without candy!

Saw this cute monkey made of tree in a magazine.

When I got home I noticed that my rosehip jam had broken on the way.

Easter, youtube and pOp

It’s been a lot of youtube videos after I came home from Easter break. I took the easy way to blog, since it was a bit to do at school and some to do at home. Not sure if I mention this before, but I’m opening up an DIY vinyl toy store, directed to the Norwegian marked. And since I’m hoping to launch the site tomorrow (www.Minimon.no), I’ve been using most of my spare time to do that (and play Just Cause 2). Mostly done now, only some few bugs and such to fix, plus some bad sentences. Hopefully all we’ll be done tomorrow and I can start on the next phase. You can read more about the tomorrow on the Minimon.no blog.

As I’ve mention, I’ve played a lot of Just Cause 2. I think it’s a great game, but maybe a bit to big. I can’t see I’ll ever get 100% on it. I’m at 34% now, and done with the story mode and one of the factions. So now I’m working my way on the second faction, but I’m too easily distracted  by town that need to get 100% (you’ll understand if you have played the game) and find all the “hidden” items.

I’ve also been to Easter vacation, last week. It wasn’t the best weather, so we (my family and I) spent most of the time inside. Played a lot of boardgames and I even finished Machinarium, which is a great adventure game. I of course went cross-country skiing with my father. I even uploaded some photo too my flickr account.

You may wander what pOp means. pOp stands for Pocket Pictoscope. I found it while surfing Flickr and thought it was awesome. Then I found out I could by my own for as little as 4£ with shipping. So instead of building my own (which I think would have taken forever), I decided to buy one! It arrived this Friday, but only took a few test shoots. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones when I got some more time on my hands. Check out the Flickr pool for some pictures.

I think this is the most of what have happen too me the last week. We’ll I finally bought Munchin, and I came second in the Munny competition my local fantasy store held. Woho, I won a gift card plus a Mini Munny. Super cool! Also, I’m soon done with the Hello Kitty Munny. I’ll post some pictures later today!

Enjoy the lovely day. I’m going out for an art exhibition.

Content-aware filler


Sorry for the lack of update, been a bit busy, and I’m leaving for the mountain tomorrow. Won’t be back before Tuesday. So not sure if I will be able to fix any update then. Again sorry. Hopefully I will make up for it later next week. Have fun this weekend. Bye…

Back to school…

The vacation is over and I’m going back to school tomorrow. Going to be fun to see my friends again. And it’s only two months till I’m done with all my exams and summer vacation will begin. Since that’s not a very long time, I’ve gotten one step further in my hiking vacation in Poland, I’ve rented a book. LonelyPlanet guide to Poland. So no I just need to decide where I want to go in Poland, then I can buy maps for the local hiking shop. Haven’t looked much yet, but one place with bears looks interesting out.

I’ve had a nice vacation. Didn’t do much when I was at my cabin. Read a good book, ‘Good Omen‘ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Can recommend that book if your into fantasy comedy. I’ve also went snowboarding with my brother, didn’t go to a ski resort but made small spots around our cabin and video taped it. Maybe my brother will make a little youtube clip for you all to watch. It’s all in slow motion!