We play endlessly

Got my latest addition to my Sigur Rós collection today. The “We play endlessly” album, which is a collection given away free with the “The Independent”. The nine songs are picked from three different album, “Takk”, “Heima” and “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust”. Listening to it now, and it’s a good collection. The funny thing is that I bought this CD, and on the back side it says “NOT FOR SALE”. We’ll, guess I did something illegal there. Three times I did, because I got this from ebay, and I had four different bids on four different actuion. And I won three of them. So still waiting for the two others. Hopefully coming this week. I’m also waiting on the latest album from Imogen Heap! Please come tomorrow!

On another occasion. I’ve been reading my brothers “Computer Arts” magazine, and I found a very easy “copy & paste” tutorial about how to make your own WordPress theme from a static HTML & CSS site! How cool isn’t that? So now I’m beginning to think about making a new theme. Making a new theme for my blog, is something I’ve been talking about very often. So don’t hold your breath, don’t even bet about me getting a theme done in the next month. But maybe if we’re lucky I’ll make a new Christmas theme. Can’t use this green one when the snow starts to fall!

It’s growing…kinda

What do you think of the new green colored theme?! More summer like isn’t it? As you probably noticed the header isn’t done yet. Hopefully done sometime next week.

I’m also done with lectures tomorrow. So guess it’s time to start reading for exams…don’t want to! I’ve also found out today that there will not be any japan tour next spring as I’m in the wrong group. So I’m working on switching groups, but I have to wait til spring 2011. That’s far far away! Maybe I’ll try to save money for a trip next summer first.

Other than that I played golf today. Didn’t start very well, but I got better at the end. Stressed to much.

What do you think about this? Too expensive, thinking about placing a bid. Would be super awesome to win it!