Three new Trials 2 levels!

This week Jorma released 2 more unofficial levels which you have to add to the game by yourself. Before we have had Inferno 2 relased, and now we got Deanathon and Trials By Fires! They are both very fun tracks and should be easily completed if you’ve played Trials before. The inferno 2 track is an extremely hard track and is not one many people can master. Not me! So enjoy!

You can play it the following way:
– Open My Documents
– Open Trials 2 folder
– Create a folder named “Levels” here (there should be a “Replays” directory already here)
– Extract the inferno2.lvl and inferno2.xml files to the folder
– Start Trials 2 SE, and the track should be visible on downloadable tracks folder. Be sure you have v1.08 of the game. for you!

Trials 2 SE v1.07

Trials 2 SE new patch v1.07 is out now. Start your game to download it or visit to try the demo. A lot of new stuff arrived with this patch. A bone breaking sound, new levels and also a new camera mode called “fly by”. So thinking about making a new video if I can get the hang of the new camera mode. Hit the jump to see all the new features.

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