NTE: Nitro to electric

Found out I should name my RC car project to make it easier to distinguish between the different projects. So to make it clear, this is the nitro to electric project, or in short NTE. Cool? Or maybe just call it Kure like the big red logo on the side of the car.

“Anywho”, I’ve finally made something that manage to hold the engine without melting. Metal was the choice, had to drill some new holes and ended up making them a little bit out of place.

My new awesome foam tires. Works like a charm on the slippery University floor.

Hooked up an Arduino to track g-forces. It works, so need to make a program that prints it pretty. Will write more about how it works and what it shows in the next blog.

first iteration of the new engine-holder-thingy. Made it a bit better in the second iteration.