Little Christmas

It’s nearly the end of little Christmas and the big 24 is coming. Looking forward to it. A lot of good food, less stress than the days before and of course the presents. I’m wondering on what I’m getting, but what I look most forward to is too see what my friends and family thinks of the gifts I have given to them. I feel that I’m getting better and better at picking the right gifts. Maybe it have something to do that I’m getting older?!

On gaming related news, I bought a new 360 game. Baja: The Edge of Control. Have been looking at it for a while not. As it was released the same day as Pure. but went for Pure that time. And next time I looked at it I went for MX vs ATV – Untamed. Finally I choose to buy Baja, mostly because I needed a four player game I could play with my two older brothers. It’s a fun game which you probably need some practice to master. There is two thing I would like to point out about this game. The first thing is that there is some hill climb levels, where the goal is to “climb” a mountain og drive up some pretty steep hills and then down again. Baja 1000 race are the second point which is quite a fun mode. Shortly, it’s a mode where you drive through every tracks on the game in on long session. Did it last night with my brother and we used 158 minuets. Fun fun!

Other than that, not much have happened. Been decorating for Christmas and making some cookies. I also won an auction for a Nintendo zapper. Too bad I don’t have a Nintendo to use it on, yet!

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