I was looking back at what I had blogged about this summer, and it turns out I forgot to write about Arcon! Arcon is a Norwegian board game festival, held at the “fortress” you can see in the above images.

As you might imagine we play a lot of board games, but we also have shops (who sells board games), play miniature games, role playing games, fights with foam swords, cosplay competition, and probably some more geeky stuff.

Before I post all the images I just want to write a short breakdown of how my weekend went.

It opened at Friday ten o’clock, so pretty late. I showed up to play a round of Power Grid. It was a pretty good game and one of the longest I’ve played them I think. Went to bed around 2 o’clock. Up next morning around nine to be ready to host Arcadia Quest event at ten. It was me and a new friend, and 8 people showed up to play!

After that I hosted a Heroclix demo, there where surprisingly many who where interested, but only one showed up for the tournament on Sunday. Next year, if I’m hosting, it’s not going to last for four hours. After that I headed over to the room where they hosted Talisman and tried that one out. I hadn’t heard much about it before, other then that it was a “love or hate” type of game. Turns out, I loved it! So much that I ended up buying it the same night! Talisman is a slow game, and I think we played for around four hours, and wasn’t done before 3 o’clock. I’m glad I only lived fifteen minutes on foot away.

On Sunday it was yet another early morning, and I was at the premise around 11 I think. Just in time for the auction to start. They have a yearly board game auction, where you can get your hands on some rare, obscure, or cheap games. You can see my loot at the bottom. After the auction I hosted and judged a Heroclix tournament with Fing Fang Foom as the prize! Sadly we only managed to gather 7 players, but we had fun non the less.

So, hit the jump if you want to see some footage from my weekend.

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Late sunday…

School starting tomorrow! Going to be super fun! Really looking forward to start with Japanese.  Other than that I was at “Øya festivalen” yesterday. It was awesome, and for those who follow me on twitter, you already know how much I liked the concerts, but I’ll write it anyway. I attended at three concert, one was a local Vikersund band, which was part music part performance/dance. Really good beats and an awesome show! Then I saw Crystal Castles with my brother, wasn’t as good as I thought they would be. Alice Glass the vocalist was to drunk and tired. So it was a pretty weak performance, luckily the sound/beats where good. Last, but not least I saw Röyksopp which is just an incredible Norwegian electro duo! And they where just awesome! So want to go to another concert with them, or a club gig. Maybe a bit low vocal on the guests artists, but who cares. It was just amazing!

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