Lost Pictures of New York Blizzard

I first heard about this mystery from a Norwegian site called NRKBeta (Norwegian broadcasting channel). It’s about a man finding an undeveloped photo roll and how he in the end find the owners of the film. It may of course be a spoof, but who cares.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

– Via NRKBeta

“The Bloody Fish” – a short film

【血魚 The Bloody Fish】short film from D1 PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

Presented by D1 Production. A story about a guy decides to make his love one a special dish, by creating a unique recipe of his own using a cat fish. Will it be a surprise? Or is the idea unique enough?

Directed by Dick Chua.

一个独特的想法, 一道独创的食谱。
是偶然, 还是必然?

一部由马来西亚 D1 PRODUCTION 制作的短片, 由DICK CHUA执导,

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Up in the Air – intro

“I figured you put a camera in a plane, you put it up in the air, you point down, you get aerial footage, right? I really thought it would be that simple. It was so complicated. Every time you see aerial footage in a movie it’s from a helicopter at 12,000 ft. To get it from 25,000 ft, first we went up with a jet and we had a camera that was going through this bubble system, except the optics weren’t good enough and atmosphere was giving us trouble. Then we went up with a propeller plane and the pilot had to wear an oxygen mask to get up that high; we took a camera out on a wing, we went digital instead of film, and then the camera would not go straight down, so they’d have to put the plane into a dive to get the camera to go down. I mean it was just like unreal how hard it was to get this footage. But I’m really happy with the results and of course it made for fun opening titles.” — Jason Reitman, via indiewire

– Via FakeTV

My mail

I got a Game Boy Advance SP in the mail today, Plus Pocky & Rocky for the SNES, but it was for a friend. So now I tried out the Pokemon game I got the other day. Don’t like the way you need to hold the SP. The micro and advance are much better. I also bought four DVD’s.

– Zack & Miri makes a porn
– 28 weeks later
– Gran Torino
– Battle Royale

Tonight is the night girl…


Was on my way to the bed, when I remembered that I hadn’t posted any posts today yesterday (Saturday). So my excuess is that I’ve been sitting in a very nice park all day studying hiragana. Not very fun, but have to. School you know, but the park is very nice at least. I’ve also had a little trip to a gallery exhibition at “KHK Oslo”, with my ex-girlfriend.

I’ve also seen the latest Tarantino movie, Inglourious Basterds. Can recommend it, probably not a movie I’m going to see another time, but fun.

So good night! Blog celebration in 15 hours or so! Woho! Cake for everyone!