It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a flash game, that was until I found out about Poleriders! It’s may be as strange as the name is, but it’s not about what you find when you try to Google “pole” and “riders” (as a friend of mine did when I said he had to check it out). This game is about the sport pole vault, except it’s two player and you need to kick a bomb to blow up the other players castle! So get a friend over and start vaulting that bomb, but beware, if you land/kick another persons head, they die (no blood, all PG).

So check out PoleRiders over at Foddy.net.

Clean up time

I’m cleaning up my blog pages and links. As you may have noticed, my flash games links have been removed. I replaced it with a “Flash reviews” page. Here can you easy find the name of the game, what I thought about it, and a direct link to the game. Isen’t that convinient? I’m also working on some other small updates. So we’ll see if you notice them.

In other news. If you would like to see what I did on Sunday, head over to Chrissie’s blog and check out her pictures. If your not sure, I can tell you so much that there is sword fighting and rocket launching!

Flash: Upgrade Complete

Upgrade Complete is a top down down scrolling plane shooter. Not special about the game-play, the trick/secret about this game is all the upgrades you can have! You can upgrade all your weapons and everything else in the game. The menu background, the sound, getting an achievement is an upgrade. Even getting the best graphic is an upgrade! There is also an secret upgrade that I won’t spoil for you what is, but you should check it out!

Other than all the cool upgrades the game is rather easy where you just have to shoot down spaceships that comes at you. The ones you don’t kill will just go past you and disappear and you will fail the level. Still, you get to keep the money and there is no life to loose. So just keep on trying and upgrade!

Check this fun game out at ArmorGames.com!

There is so much fun on the internet!

I bought Auditorium today. From www.playauditorium.com. It’s a brilliant and pretty sound/color game. I’m not sure how to explain it, but here is what they say on the site…

Auditorium is about the process of discovery and play. There are no right or wrong answers; there are many ways to solve every puzzle. To get started, fill up the first audio container. We hope you enjoy playing in our Auditorium.

I’ve also added some photos! There is a free demo at the site or you could buy the game for just 10.90$!

PS: No post before Monday. Going to my cabin with friends this weekend.


As I was sitting here blogging while my girlfriend was making some Christmas cards, I found this cool flash game. The point with it is to use a white ball to knock black balls aways from the white mother ball. Kinda racist, why can’t black and white balls just interfere with each other. The world needs more mixture of balls! You can also start over from the same level if the mother-ball rolls out of her perfect white ring. There is also four different upgrades you can buy with your experience points when you complete a level. More speed to the ball, bigger ball, bigger white perfect ring and bigger mother-ball. Other qualities is the good music, but can get a bit repeatable if you have it in the background while you do other stuff than playing Zwingo. Is is also good to play with a mouse pad, which some games lack. Also every tenth level there is a boss! Knock that bad-ass black ball out before he kick your white mother-ball out!

Try it out at Kambo Games, Zwingo (the site saves your progress)!