Minecraft update

Yesterday Notch (creator of Minecraft) announced a new forum! Ho-ray, but he also created a super awesome wiki with some information about the game. Not sure how many pages there is, but there is at least one about every block you can use. I’ve even contributed a little bit about the water block. So check it out and see if you can find out what I added! In some other news, I’ve bought a new domain! Not Kyrremann.com, but www.YouAndMeGames.com! It’s my new “game studio” name. What you think?!


Got my package today! Woho! Finally, but… Yes there is a but. My shoes weren’t there! Greedy Genius hadn’t shipped my shoes. So sent them and e-mail and they said they did it today! Total bummer, but at least it wasn’t DHL this time. Hit the jump to check out the clothes. I’ll post the links to the shoes when I get them.

I finish up my QExpo 2008 booth today to. Made a nice banner and fixed a forum that I need. So remember to check it out when it opens on Friday!

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