1th November

It’s soon winter time in Norway. Really looking forward for the snow! I’ve been training to get more stamina, so I will last longer in the sloops! Going to be a good winter! I want to apologies for the lack of personal updates, and the lack of updates every day. Been a bit busy lately. So I’ve ended up forgetting about my blog. It’s a shame, but not much to do about it. Not much is happening in my life, going to my brother next weekend to surf. Thats going to be awesome! I’ve also played a lot of Forza 3. It’s a really great game. School and work is also good, guess you can say my life is on good tracks!

Today I’ve been installing Windows 7, finally a clean install! No update and such! Looking great now, only minor problems. Fixed most of them now. I’m also going to install and dual-boot Fedora. That will be fun, never done that before. One time need to be the first time…

Forza 3 looks amazing!

Three days since last post now, been busy with school and work. Plus I bought Guitar Hero Band Pack on Monday. Not helping when I try to study. I will write about all of this when I get more time. Probably on Sunday evening, since I’m going to my cabin from Saturday to Sunday.

Just wanted you all to see this amazing in-game Forza 3 video. Made with the video editor! It took a month to produce it, and you’ll understand when you have seen it! I think this is the video of the year!

Hit “more” to see a drifting video from Forza 2. Not as good, but quiet nice!

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E3 is bringing some awesome games!

Had exam today, so haven’t been able to follow E3 all the time, but here is at least what I am most thank full for!

Awesome! One word, awesome! I’m booking my father cinema room for October!

Ooooh! Looks scary!

This can be fun! Hopefully they will also release LeChuck’s Revenge!

Sceptic to the 3D world. I want old school click and point!