Friday and saturday

This weekend have been quite busy. Not because I’ve been a good boy to work on my master, but that I’ve been making a lecture about Android for The Gathering next week, and I’ve been driving my RC car a lot. So much that I’ve managed to crash it pretty hard a couple of times. I need a lot more practice! Also, Yogitea is back, at least for today.

YogiTea of the day: Feel good, be good, do good.


Got this loot of games on Friday from a buddy on I know I have some of the games before, but they where so cheap that I wanted duplets. Nothing wrong in that. I’m also stoked that I got my hands on the Sonic 10th anniversary pretty cheap. I also got my hand on the sequal to Star Gladiator called Plasma Sword. From the pictures on the back it look a bit different, so I look forward to try it out hopefully next week.




This is the inside and the engine in a servo. Had to open it up because the servo wire got tangled with the driver shaft and pulled out. Sadly after that I’ve had some problems with the servo not aligning correctly. Not sure why :\


I mention earlier that I had crashed a bit, and here can you see what happens when you hit a concrete column. Not good. Luckily some super glue and metal fixed it, and it is no as good as new (nearly at least)!


I also filmed Turing the Pleo at Åpen Sone. It has a walking problem, and I think the strange sounds you hear around 0:15 are the cause of that.


It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a flash game, that was until I found out about Poleriders! It’s may be as strange as the name is, but it’s not about what you find when you try to Google “pole” and “riders” (as a friend of mine did when I said he had to check it out). This game is about the sport pole vault, except it’s two player and you need to kick a bomb to blow up the other players castle! So get a friend over and start vaulting that bomb, but beware, if you land/kick another persons head, they die (no blood, all PG).

So check out PoleRiders over at


I’m off to Berlin, Germany as I type. -my girlfriend and I are now at the airport. Waiting for the plane. It’s still another 40 minutes before boarding, but we like to be early. Then we don’t need to rush. “Anywho”, I will try to blog while I’m down there, so stay tuned. And even if I can’t, there is still something on my blog to read. For I, for you, have lined a little songweek competition. Like I’ve done before.For you who don not know what it is, it’s simple. Every day untill Wednesday I will post a new blog post with a line from a song in the topic. Then you try to guess it in the comment. Next day, the answere will be in the post with a new song as a topic. Have fun!