My new shoes

I finally got around to buy myself some new squash shoes! They feel really great and can’t wait to try them out the first coming Monday! It was about time to. I was playing this morning and I lost more than one point just because of my slippery shoes. Thats no fun! I’ve posted some pictures after the more link.

Other than new shoes, I’ve been to work, school and Oslo “culturenight” as it’s literal translated. ¬†Watched some amazing firework. It was so quiet and beautiful!

“Anywho”, time to go to bed. Up early to wash clothes and then I’m going to check out a gallery at ten, and Ikea after that. Blog you tomorrow too, probably not that late. Or technical it’s today.

YogiTea of the day: Let your hearth guide you.

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Tonight is the night girl…


Was on my way to the bed, when I remembered that I hadn’t posted any posts today yesterday (Saturday). So my excuess is that I’ve been sitting in a very nice park all day studying hiragana. Not very fun, but have to. School you know, but the park is very nice at least. I’ve also had a little trip to a gallery exhibition at “KHK Oslo”, with my ex-girlfriend.

I’ve also seen the latest Tarantino movie, Inglourious Basterds. Can recommend it, probably not a movie I’m going to see another time, but fun.

So good night! Blog celebration in 15 hours or so! Woho! Cake for everyone!

It’s hard!

My life is so hard! As I’m moving next week I need to get myself a new TV. And there is so much to choose from. Too much. I have no idea what to pick. So it will be interesting to see what I end up with. I also found out that my computer is fixed. Good news! So hoping to get it back the next few days. My girlfriend also bought a new laptop. The Acer One with Linux. It’s so freaking cool! I want it too! At least I get to play with it. Cheers.

On the N+ news, I’ve given up for now to create my episode on the computer since the XBLA version is so much better, so I’ll wait for the N v1,5 to make them. I have some photos you can all look at while we sit and wait. Hit the jump to see them!

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