You make my time less…

So I went to the cinema today. Watched Coraline in 3D. 3D is fun, but the movie wasn’t as good as I hoped for. Maybe I was to old to see it, because I didn’t find it funny enough, or scary enough. It was just a decent puppet movie in 3D. Maybe the book is better?! I know that other books by Neil Gaiman are great, so maybe this on is it too. I’ll guess I just have to check it out.

I also got some retro stash in the mail today. Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past with Four Swords to GBA and a GBA/GC cable. It’s a great game, and looking forward to play it again.

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Hello everyone

The poll ended yesterday and the vote ended at 5 to “” and 5 to “No need…”, so it’s a tie. I guess the world isn’t ready for yet another site from me. It’s also no biggie that I don’t need to get another domain, as I don’t have much time to build a new site. Maybe I’ll try again this summer…

I also got my package from Hong Kong today! Woho! Was really looking forward to try out the extra ram which goes into the GBA slot on my NDS, but no. The slot 2 device I bought only works on certain cards, which mine is not. So now I’m thinking about either buying a new card or just sell the extra ram. Not sure yet. “Anywho”, if you’d like to see some pictures of them hit the read more. You will also see my paper craft “Balrog” (from Cave Story)!

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