The Space Dragon

Last day of vinyl month and last custom today. Holly from A Little Stranger which I have posted from before is the one who got to end this customized month. It was made back in 2010 and is a Space Dragon built on a glow in the dark (GID) Munny sculped with GID sculpy and faux fur. When it first was made you could buy it on ebay. Would be awesome to have in my shelf.


– Via PlasticAndPlush

Vinyl awesomeness

Sorry for late update, but been a busy day. “Anywho”, found these cool vinyl toys by Crazylabel last week. You may remember the Bubblefun toy from when my brother had been to New York. Then I thought the where ghost, but now I understand that they are burps. Cute…

If you want to see more pictures of the more pictures of Mega Burp head over to PlasticAndPlush.

Link to Mega Burp, Mega Burp GID, and Bubblefun.